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Links You’ll Love

EduCanon is a website that enables you to take a video and assign questions for your students to answer at pre-determined spots. Check out my sample video here. This is great for flipped classes.

Still haven’t signed up for JEDcamp Midwest? What’s holding you back? Here are 10 reasons to sign up TODAY.

Google Tip #1: If you love Google forms (you know I do!), check out this blog post about recent improvements. For instance, you can now shuffle questions (which is great if you want to use a form for an assessment), and limit people to only submitting one response per form. You can also insert a video into a form, which lends itself to using Google Form as part of a flipped classroom experience. Finally, (I LOVE this), when you go to “Send form,” you can now specify a shortened URL, eliminating the need to paste the long URL into Yay!

Google Tip #2: Did you know that you could use Google to “read” PDF files and turn them into text documents? Here’s how:

  1. Upload your PDF file to your Google drive
  2. Click in the box to the left of the uploaded file to select
  3. Click on More (at the top of your screen) and choose “Open with”
  4. Choose Google Docs
  5. Google will proceed to open your document. The beginning with have the image, and the digitized text will appear at the end of the document.

Now, it may not be perfect, and you may have to tweak it a little, but it beats retyping!


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Links You’ll Love

This is just hysterical. Check out Shimon Peres’ plans for what to do after retirement:

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I do want to remind everyone about Sefaria. Sefaria allows you to choose different texts – or portions thereof – and create a custom resource sheet. It’s still in development, so every text isn’t there, but it’s awesome nonetheless.

Shameless JEDcamp plug of the week. We are proud and excited that the second annual JEDcamp Midwest will be here on Sunday, October 19th from noon until 4:00 pm. There will be swag! There will be free lunch! There will be door prizes! There will be lots of great ideas to share! Need more incentive? Watch the terrific movie about last year’s JEDcamp:

Chrome tip #1: I’m a multi-tab user, which means I often have a dozen or so browser tabs open at one time. Some of them, like my mail and Schedulet, are tabs that I always, always use. I hate it when I accidentally close them by clicking on the little x. To remedy that, and to make the tabs take up less space, I “pin” them. To pin a tab, right-click (or hold down the control key and click) and choose Pin Tab. Like magic, the tab takes up, well, a pin-size amount of space and it can’t be closed accidentally. To unpin and remove a tab you’ll have to right-click again.

Chrome tip #2: If you love to use Chrome, check out these Chrome extensions that can make your user experience even better!

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JEDcamp Midwest is this Sunday!

We are so excited that we just can’t stand it around here. Finally – after planning, musing and (okay, just a little) cajoling… the big day is this Sunday, when a group of excited, passionate and willing-to-try-something-different educators are going to converge on our school to share with and learn from one another. Tickets are flying off the registration site!

Haven’t registered yet? There’s still a little time! Check out our blog or dash right over to the registration site.

See you Sunday!

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JEDcamp Midwest is in 2 weeks!

So while stalking checking out some other EDcamp sites, I see that some have created brainstorming docs in order to get everyone’s creative ideas flowing. I’ve created a doc – please add your thoughts. What you’d like to learn, what you can offer, what you’d like to talk about.

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Links You’ll Love – 10/4/13

October is Connected Educator Month. How can you become a connected educator? One way is to attend the first ever Chicago area JEDcamp on October 20th right here. Visit our website for more information. Or go directly to the registration site.


Want to use QR codes? Here’s a nice roundup with 12 ideas for using QR codes in your classroom.

YouTube has launched a library of copyright free music that your students can use for their projects. Learn more about it or visit YouTube’s audio library.

Funded in part by AT&T, Educade is a collection of lesson plans that you can browse by grade, subject, tool and/or platform. It’s very cool – and you can add your own!

Interested in building your digital classroom this fall? PBS is offering free webinars on awesome topics like incorporating social media (as in Twitter) into your classroom and how to integrate tablets (as in iPads). The webinars will be recorded so you can view them afterwards. Check out the “get your tech on” site.

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Links You’ll Love

Want to explore using iPads in class? Check out our newly created wiki.

JEDcamp is coming to SSDS and we couldn’t be more excited! Check out our website and “like” us on Facebook. Click here for more info about the JEDcamp movement.

You know that I’m a proponent of teaching kids from a young age that you should always use copyright-free images from the web (just because it’s on the Internet doesn’t mean it’s okay to use). Here’s a great article with lots of resources for finding public domain images.

I know everybody in my school would have been delighted if we could have given each class a dedicated set of iPads, but, alas, that’s not possible. Sometimes, though, sharing is just fine. Ed blogger Royan Lee posts here  about how he manages iPad sharing in class.

More on exploring mobile learning – in this Edutopia five-minute film festival there are videos about how educators are embracing mobile devices in the classroom.

We all knew this anyway… but here’s a nice article about the impact music learning has on higher test scores.

App worth watching: I’m intrigued by the TouchCast app – a free app that lets you create iPad presentations that integrate video, Twitter feeds and more. Check out their intro video here.

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