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First night of CAJE

What a great beginning. First we have a keynote speaker who isn’t here… so Joel Hoffman steps up to the plate and give an unbelievable keynote. Then I picked Deborah Riegel’s session on Thinking Outside the Box which was entertaining and informative – she’s a great speaker. Then dinner – which was, well, dinner. I miss diet Coke (what can I say?).

Then I headed over to my assigned location for Storahtelling’s Tisha B’Av program part one. Amichai was unbelievable. Then – to the chapel for big program – and it was a great beginning for the program, and a great end of Tisha B’av.

One glitch… due to the rains in Vermont today two of our speakers, Esther and Reuven, aren’t here yet. Here’s hoping they get here shortly!


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